Jack Honich

When Jack isn’t at the TDP office being a super star intern, he loves listening to music and spending time with his friends, probably at El Espolon shoving his face with Mexican food. His passions are consumed by music, storytelling and constantly trying to be a better version of himself. Jack is a man of many talents, one being voice over work. He is so good his friends are trying to convince him to go into that field of work, but he thinks he’ll stick with Architecture…for now.

More About Jack

Jack is one of our Architectural Interns here at TDP. He has wanted to be an Architect since middle school. He first thought he wanted to be an artist so looked into alternatives ways to showcase his art in a career which led him to Architecture. He is incredibly good at retaining information and putting it into his daily activities/work. Jack is currently obtaining his Master of Arts in Architecture from Drury University and TDP could not be more excited to have the opportunity to help Jack grow his skill set and knowledge within the Architecture world.


Master of Arts in Architecture - Drury University (Expected Graduation May 2025)

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