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Stewardship, Accountability and Efficiency Bring Real Value.

You Benefit From Our Design Collective

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We have proven that a true team approach with an established partner throughout the design process always delivers a better end product for our clients as opposed to a team assembled for one project.

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Using their graphic designers and cutting-edge visualization techniques such as animations, high-quality renderings and illustrated campus maps, they created everything we need to get our congregation pumped up and enthusiastic about the coming phases of renovation. So far, the campaign has been wildly successful. This is my 5th campaign in my career and this one, with their help, was by far the most successful.

Richard Mark Lee | Lead Pastor | The Village Baptist Church

We share a common passion for excellence and design philosophy.

TDP Paragon 360

We have already developed a trusted team with an ongoing relationship and complementary skill sets that have delivered projects, on-target, on-time and on-budget.

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Paragon 360 and Torgerson Design Partners also share the advantages and knowledge base of working across many diverse market segments.

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Our work in any specific market sector is influenced by our vast, nationwide experience in retail, hospitality, houses of worship, education and entertainment.

Architectural Design

Master Planning


Scenic Solutions


Our proven, turn-key model saves you money, expedites the project, delivers better results and increases accountability.

Donnie Brawner | Owner & President of Paragon 360

Our holistic approach gives your audience the joy of an engaging and memorable experience.

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A Seamless Process

Services available through our design collective include site planning and master planning, as well as complete architectural design and engineering services for new builds, additions, and renovations.

Improving coordination, increasing efficiency, and lowering costs is always a top priority. It’s why Torgerson Design Partners has enlisted Paragon 360, allowing us to minimize the confusion, challenges, and added cost of multiple, individual firms working on a single project. This greatly streamlines the design/build process, improves scope alignment, allows better financial control, reduces change orders, expedites project delivery, and allows for a much higher level of accountability.

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