Rebekah Coffman

Rebekah is a lover of games, her 4 dogs and 2 cats, fancy Christmas sweaters, and architecture. She has a passion for homelessness, addiction/recovery, and father's rights. After deciding that dermatology wasn't the route for her she enrolled at Drury. I think the path lead her the right way... all the way to TDP's outstretched arms.

More About Rebekah

Rebekah is a Drury University graduate, having earned a Masters in Architecture and a minor in Art History.

Rebekah had worked primarily on Elementary Education projects prior to TDP and now assists with the production side for multiple developer projects. Her strengths lie in unique problem solving, time management and client communication.

One of the highlights of her job is taking her husband to see all the local projects that she has assisted on.


Masters of Architecture from Drury University and a minor in Art History

Projects of Note:

  • Tiger paw Renovation for Ozark School District
  • Plaza Towers Renovation
  • Ozark Innovation Center
  • 7Brew
  • Andy's Frozen Custard
  • Grimaldi's Pizzeria

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