Kollin McFarland

Kollin has always had a love for building things which led him to pursue architecture. His diligence and passion for design has led him to strive to become a licensed architect in the near future. In his free time, you can find him hanging out with his friends at Café Cusco enjoying his favorite meal. Kollin is a creative guy who truly enjoys writing and lives for the day arts & crafts make a comeback. He is excited to be a part of TDP where he can showcase his passion and develop stronger skills with our team.

More About Kollin

Kollin is a former Illini from Edwardsville who has hopscotched from place to place and job to job since graduating from high school in 2013. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies at SIU Carbondale in 2017 and his Masters from Drury University in 2020. After graduating, he stayed in the Springfield area for work, having taken a liking to the area. Kollin has a keen interest in design for projects to be both simple in their function and elaborate in their form. Architecture is an important part of daily society. To Kollin, Architecture is the only true language of the world because it affects the way we all observe and interact with the environment, a ubiquitous form of communication. He is a natural outdoorsman and a passionate craftsman. Kollin is currently pursuing his license for Architecture and has expressed interest in becoming LEED Accredited.


  • Masters of Architecture from Drury University
  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale 2013-2017

Community Involvement

  • Member of Trinity Presbyterian Church

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